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Split Hero

WordPress A/B testing made easy.

The best solution to make A/B Testing in WordPress easier and faster than ever before.

We've been featured in some cool places by some awesome people.

Increase conversions by finding out what makes your audience 'click'.

Create and run tests quickly and easily for your WordPress sites. Increase form submissions, newsletter signups, button clicks and WooCommerce orders through the use of data-driven conversion-focused design. No coding knowledge is required.

A screenshot of a graph from the Split Hero dashboard.

Start testing in just a few minutes

Split Hero has been built to be quick and easy for anyone to use. No coding knowledge required, anyone in the team can create and maintain tests. Time is money and we help you deliver results to your clients - faster.

A screenshot of the Split Hero application showing how to select pages for creating an AB split testing campaign.

Made for WordPress freelancers and agencies

Whether you're a solo freelancer or a large agency, we have your back. Pick a plan that fits your business and invite anyone you need into Split Hero to manage your client campaigns. You can also invite customers into the platform to view their ongoing campaigns.

A screenshot of the Split Hero dashboard on how to add a new user to your account.

We work with all your favourite page builders

We support every page builder including Gutenburg and WordPress core. However you build your sites in WordPress is your choice. Split Hero will work with you - not against.

A grid of WordPress page builder logos.
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