Taking the fear out of Split Testing

Split Hero is an A/B testing tool (although we test up to A/B/C/D!) that lets you compare the performance of your design variations by showing a random set of visitors one variation, another set the next variation and so on. From there we will measure each variation to see which one delivers you more results whether that be newsletter signups, sales or form submissions.

No need to check your Google Analytics - we will count the URL views, amount of unique users, user time spent on page, measure bounce rate of each variation and declare a winner based on which one gives you the results you're looking for.

Our goal at Split Hero is to be easy to use and easy to understand. No masses of complicated data and no hardcore tech knowledge needed to get up and running.

After signup, it takes just 5 easy steps to start an A/B testing campaign.


Track URL Views

Track the total amount of traffic each variation receives.


Measure Bounce Rate

See what variation receives the lowest bounce rate.


Count User Time

Measure how long users interact with each of your variations.


Declare a winner

Declare a winning variation based on successful conversions

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