1. Send visitors to URL A

During your campaign setup you designate up to 4 URL's in a campaign - A, B, C & D. You simply promote/advertise/send all traffic to whatever URL you designate as URL.


2. We dynamically split visitors

When a user lands on URL A, Split Hero will identify the visitor to see if they're a new or returning visitor.

If the visitor is a new visitor, Split Hero will dynamically redirect the user to one of the URLs including the campaign (this could mean remaining on URL A too).

If it's a returning visitor, Split Hero will make sure to show them the variation they previously saw on their first visit to avoid confusion.


3. We start measuring conversions

Split Hero will gather the important stats so you are able to take action based on the results of your campaign.

We collect the number of unique visitors that visit each URL in the campaign and start measuring conversions for each variation when a user takes your desired action.

This allows us to showcase the data to you in an easy to understand dashboard while declaring a winner at the end of the campaign based on the variation with the most conversions.

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