Update 1.7

Some of you may have noticed that on Friday 30th August 2019 we pushed out our 1.7 update. I'm only now getting the chance to talk about the changes so let's get to it! ????

WooCommerce Integration Now Live!

We've rolled out our anticipated WooCommerce Integration. Now during campaign setup, you can select the WooCommerce successful order endpoint URL as your conversion goal. This means you now A/B test different product page layouts on a specific product or different landing pages and see what one produces more sales conversions.

Complete Redirect Re-write

As promised we've completely re-written the core functionality of our redirects. This allows us to better integrate more platforms and options moving forward.

I know this might not mean much right now but this was a big hurdle to overcome and really helps us scope out some of our more complex ideas and plans such as button click conversion tracking and conversion tracking on third party platforms.

Search Bar on Page Selection

A small quality of life update for those of you with large sites. Now during campaign setup we've added a search bar function in the dropdown selectors so you can just type and search for the page/post/url you need.

Much easier.

URLs Now Visible on Campaign View

Another quality of life update, if you had both of your variation pages with the same name, it was impossible to know which one was which.

We've fixed that by having the URL's under the page titles visible on the running campaign as well as adding the selected conversion page name and URL in the summary box at the bottom.

No more confusion or forgetting what you put in! ????

Nitropack.io Caching Support

We've been speaking to the great guys over at NitroPack about a conflict with their system and ours and I'm pleased to say we got that ironed out super quick.

Thanks to Nitropack for your quick response!

NitroPack is really interesting and different to any other plugin solution. The main difference is that it is entirely cloud based and the plugin doesn't do any optimizations on the client's server. All that our plugin does is to communicate with our API to request optimizations and to manage the cache based on certain platform events like post edits.

Really interesting and a company to watch! Check them out here.

To wrap up...

That's it for now! We have plenty more to come and plenty more in the works including some UI/UX overhauling to do so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

We keep our roadmap up to date as well as our changelog which includes any and all little updates/fixes/improvements.

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